Suzanne Kantak is a NYC based photographer, ardent Brooklynite, and lover of the odd and unusual.  She initially pursued her interest in the world around her via her studies in political science, but she realized there were so many other ways to explore, and for her it was photography.  Although she loves food and cooking, her culinary abilities pale in comparison to her talented sister and brother, who is a well known chef in the Southwest.  She is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the cookbook project she shot in Italy, so you all can see it.  

Clients include Reebok, Swarovski, Amazon, Manhattan Marketing Ensemble, Febreze, Eyn Products, Financial Times of London, Wine Spectator, Bumble & Bumble, Sony, Allan Stone Gallery & Estate, Pip & Estella, IEEE Spectrum, Cake & Whiskey, Tufts Dental Alumni, Russian Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Figaro Japon, Russian Jalouse, Gotham Magazine, and others...

She can be reached in New York 

cell: 1.917.309.6690


Or you can find her here, on Wonderful Machine